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Beijing on November 9th morning, the famous American basketball professional media "Ringhoop world" columnist Jason - Fleming online and fans interact, answered a series of questions from fans. Here are some of the highlights of Fleming's interaction with the fans:
: is it possible that the 2011-12 season is going to be over?

Fleming: I feel very, very pessimistic. Some suggestions are now the only possible way is to shut down the end players to vote against the players' Union, and accept NBA management by the proposed scheme.

: what would you say would happen if the player's team rejected the NBA's ultimatum to this Wednesday? Does that mean that this season has been completely ruined?

Fleming: I think so. We're afraid we're going to have to watch more college basketball games, and then get ready for the 2012 draft.

asked: "which team is more valuable to Portland in the next two or three years, Roy or Mathews?" Is Gerrard Wallace suited to play with Aldridge? In addition to Mathews and Felton, the Blazers young defender who can stand out?

Fleming: I think it should be Mathews in the next two or three years, the role will be greater, I believe Roy may have to go back to the bench. In addition, I think Gerrard is very suitable for Wallace and Aldridge partner, especially because two of them are more comprehensive players, so the Blazers once on the team, the team's combat power will not be much affected. As for the Blazers young defender, I think Williams Eliot is can do that thing.

: in the post Duncan era, what would the Spurs need to do to be able to compete again, the Western champion, and even the NBA championship?

Fleming: they should find another leader like Duncan, preferably an insider. Spurs are now young, talented players are not many, although Blair and James - Anderson two talent is good. The Spurs need to find a player who can attack at the end of the offense, so a player must be able to attract defensive attention, and then find some defensive players. Ginobili is good, but Ginobili and Parke wouldn't be that good if they didn't have a big part of their defensive attention on Duncan's court. I don't think the Spurs will be better off for the next few years.

asked: do you think that once the lockout ended, how the western team strength.ranking will? Do you think the Celtics will be in trouble after the new labor agreement?

Fleming: I think the strength of the western team should be from the strong to the weak in the order of thunderbolt, Lakers, small

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