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Dragon Boat Festival: these two runfriends are married! The husband opened the company, the horse race award 500.
a lot of running friends, like running marathons. But it takes time and money to run a marathon! Besides, which boss will be bold to support you running a marathon!
The running guy
introduced today, named Li Junfeng, is also the boss of an entrepreneur, and he's not the same.

I, because of running, marrying the goddess of running.

1, because of running, they met each other.

everyone knows that runners are the most attractive species on the planet: they are lively, smart, sexy, cute, brave, beautiful, simple and tasty. Xiao Min is such a running girl.

luckily Xiao Li, at a friend's party, met Xiao Min. Later, Mike would love to ask Mandy, running knowledge; then, in Mandy's help and encouragement, Xiao Li step by step, completed a half marathon, and one after another, go to a lot of running activities, are very happy to play.

2, youth, is the time that you accompany.

some people say that the most beautiful thing is not to keep the time, but to keep the memory. Xiao Li and Xiao Min, in the running, from shallow to deep, gradually come to understand each other, a love for love, a share; a love fitness, a love sports, talk talk warm-up, stretching, exchange wall horse, running on......

, so they become silent. When they are together, they always have endless topics. When they are together, they are very happy, very simple, happy, and have sweet feelings. On the snowy plateau, he said, she said I would, and they fell in love.

is ah, what is youth, is the time with the people you like.

3, jogging, I run and marry.

you are around you, the fate is written on the stone. Mike and Mandy are going to get married, because the runners met love, they also hope to run the form to the wedding, because life.
so they went for a run and got married.
two, not only run, with my parents also sports.

experience the benefits of running little couples, Xiao Li and Xiao Min, think, run so well, and encourage family to exercise together. So, the couple under the influence of Mandy's father and mother, every morning walk about 10 km run, now the body is great! Xiao Li's father and mother, in the countryside, also surrounded the village every morning, run more than 6 kilometers, the body is very good, the mental outlook is much better than the peers.
sends X platinum to the old man's home, and it doesn't have to buy health. A healthy exercise, a good habit of sports, is the king's way. No needles, no medicine, the old man's good body, better than anything.
three, no >

gold sports shoes (this is $6000) about 40 thousand yuan

GOLD-DIPPED NIKE DUNKS sports shoes, gold big dunk, made 24 carat gold, the price of $6000, gold shoes Nike is really doing luxury shoes, these shoes can wear out the streets, playing?

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AIR JORDAN 11 BLACKOUT ($11 thousand about 75 thousand yuan
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AJ11 called Jordan in the history of the most expensive shoes, eBay took out 11267 dollars in staggering. For the first time in 2012, it caused a riot of fans, pure black AJ11 is unique in the series, but ultimately there is no sale, just out of a double, while using the top of the material, but if it is so expensive to buy a pair of shoes, a collection of you will find that the pure black is not so cool, you don't wear such expensive shoes.

look at the closest AJ11 Malan and this pair of shoes, the price is much lower than it should be, but if you look carefully, you will find, it would look better.

UNDFTD X AIR JORDAN $15 thousand about 100 thousand yuan

UNDFTD and AJ sneaker, when released in 2005, its design is widely acclaimed.

but the sale amount is few, only 72 pairs. However, its price rose so expensive, or a little surprise, although it is classic, but it is not worth so expensive.

NIKE AIR MAG{imitation} $37 thousand about 250 thousand yuan
This pair of
2011 release of Air Mag 1501 was a double auction, in eBay, this is a charity auction. This shoe is back to the future according to the classic sci-fi movie "2" to. It raised $5 million 600 thousand to charity, the proceeds to the study of Parkinson's Michael J.Fox fund.

was the highest auction price reached $37500, in fact, if only on the shoes, it is a fake, no key function, automatic lacing, spend so much money, really worth it, of course, this is a charity charity auction to shoot much beyond reproach, but it isn't worth it in terms of shoes. It will launch a full version of the MAG with the automatic lacing function is very strong this year, if I were to buy double play over the nouveau riche.


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