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Nike, the British American shoe manufacturers combined Dover Street Market shop, work together again in this season, to create a meaningful Dover Street Market x Nike Air Force 1 branded shoes, and this year is Nike Air Force 1 DSM 30th anniversary anniversary, attention and joint is provided by blue and white. Color selection, 17-18 tongue is representative of Dover Street Market in London in July 28th began selling address.

sports brand Nike Sportswear recently launched this new VNTG NRG Multicolor series. Including Bruin Mid PRM Vintage, Blazer Mid and Dunk High Vintage 77 PRM AC NRG three style, using high quality suede material to build, and in the sports shoe with different colors to create color collocation effect. Nike Sportswear recently launched a new series of sports shoes Nike Sportswear recently launched a new series of sports shoes Nike Sportswear recently launched a new series of sports shoes

is also equipped with classic white soles, white shoelaces and white Nike Swoosh presents. Currently, the Nike Sportswear VNTG NRG Multicolor series has been purchased at OVERKILL, priced from 99 to 109 euros.

A player who took part in the Beijing marathon. For the discomfort after the game, the experts say that it can be recovered naturally for 2-3 days.After the
marathon ended, people who ran the race were prone to muscle fatigue and other discomfort, especially for non professional athletes who were usually lack of systematic exercise. How should I recover? Experts remind, if there is no other pain, generally after 2-3 days after the game can be restored, the pain is obvious to suggest that the first ice application.

after the race is easy to produce muscle fatigue

Zhou Yu (the pseudonym) took part in the half horse race in the just ended Beijing marathon. After the competition, the leg muscles were significantly tightened, breathing rate increased, and there was slight headache. After 3 days of competition, these feelings basically disappeared, but the discomfort of the leg lasted for about 5 days.
Department of Biochemistry Beijing Sport University professor
Cao Jianmin believes that non professional personnel in the marathon, the long distance race, more prone to physical discomfort, the general performance of muscle fatigue and energy consumption of discomfort, and the effect on cardiopulmonary function.

generally recovers
2-3 days after the game
Cao Jianmin said, for those who are not injured before competition, muscle discomfort and other physical discomfort can basically return to pre competition level 2-3 days after the competition. "The human body also has certain adjustment ability, especially the amateur players. When selecting items before competition, they should choose according to their own level, and try to avoid projects that are not suitable for themselves or are hard to accomplish. But professional athletes may be affected by the consideration of good results or the physical condition is not ideal, but the competition is more damaging to the body.

, "my mentor also enrolled in the Beijing marathon race. I finished the competition on the basis of my expected accomplishments. I didn't have much physical activity on the second day." Cao Jianmin said.

pre competition training is likely to aggravate the post game discomfort

for the emergence of some physical discomfort, Cao Jianmin explained, may include two cases, one is the usual practice of distance is not long before the training is not enough, "such as non professional athletes in training may only run about 5 km, 20 km or 40 km to complete the game, really has an impact on muscle and the heart and lungs will be apparent." The other is that the poor individual state during the game increases the sense of discomfort after the game.

Cao Jianmin said that the marathon is a good outdoor sport form, and it has different mileage in order to fit different people. It is suggested that you choose items according to personal physical condition and ability. Exercise has a lot of influence on the body.

try to finish 1-2 times
before the game
competition mileage exercise

Q: some people tend to be much shorter than the marathon in pre game training. They are going to compete in the whole horse or half horse race. Is it suitable for them?

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